Why VQ

VQ Juice

Health, Honesty and Harmony

100% freshly squeezed juice with no additives or ice is just one of VQ’s commitments.

VQ’s commitments are on the 3H’s – Health, Honesty and Harmony. Health – VQ Juice is a health drink, we are committed to providing the nation a drink that has health benefits. Honesty – we promise that our juice is 100% freshly squeezed, with no added sugar, no ice and no additives of any kind, Harmony – we are committed to have harmony with the our customers by providing a great service, to have harmony with our franchisees by providing the support they need, helping them to succeed every step of the way and to have harmony with the community and the environment by raising health awareness and so that we play an active role in making the nation healthier. As well as our commitments as mentioned above, VQ’s main strengths are our brand, the way we do things, the experience that we have accumulated over the last few years and a proven business model.

Global Brand

VQ is Number One in China, we are ready to expand globally, starting in London

The VQ brand – Selling freshly squeezed juice is not a new concept and indeed there are many outlets that are currently operating across the UK. However, there is as yet an established household name. Basically there is no one brand that dominates the market – there is no clear market leader. From shop front design to variety of products in terms of taste and texture, VQ has a clear competitive edge over other existing brands.Based on the success that VQ is having in China, we are confident that we can become the marker leader in the UK a relatively short time.

The VQ Idea

Mr Yang, the founder of VQ, came upon the idea of  a Fresh Juice business when he lived in the UK

One of many VQ’s strengths is our focus on team work. As soon as you become a franchisee, you are part of the team. We back up our franchisees with top class training and support. We also care passionately about career development of our staff and so we tailor our staff training programme to ensure they achieve their goals.

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