Ms Ho - Master Franchisee

Master Franchisee – Ms Ho


I first came into contact with VQ Juice was when I visited my sister in Shanghai in 2012. The VQ Juice bar was by the Dapuqiao train station and it had the longest queue. Partly out of curiosity I wanted to find out for myself why this juice bar was so popular. There I ordered Kiwi Fruit with Pear, the sales assistant said to me “there is no added water, ice or sugar in VQ Juice”.

After that, every time I visited Shanghai, I always made a point of going to VQ Juice by the train station.

In 2013, when my then fiancé and I had our wedding photos taken, I took him to the same VQ Juice Bar. My fiancé’s comment was that all the so-called fresh squeezed juice had added water and a strange taste but the juice from VQ was much superior. Ever since then, every time we visited Shanghai, we would always go to VQ Juice by the train station.

After I got married, my husband wanted to start a business and he thought of VQ Juice. I told me we didn’t have enough capital and perhaps we should wait another two years. He told me his best friend could help by giving us a loan. So he went ahead and signed a contract and agreement with VQ Juice at their Head Office.

During the national holiday, he went to Shanghai for training and came back with a juicer. At that time, I had the pleasure of drinking freshly squeezed juice every day.

On 26 January 2013, we opened the juice bar in a new shopping mall in our home town. On the promotion night, the juice bar traded between 7pm to 9pm. As with other newly opened shopping mall, there were lots of customers flooded in. And lots of them came to our juice bar. In the beginning the customers ordered from the menu, but after while people were shouting: “just give me any juice that you have!”. The popularity of VQ Juice exceeded all our expectations. Our sales came to several thousand RMB in two hours of trading.

On the second day of trading, I couldn’t believe my eyes as the sales came to nearly ten thousand RMB. My husband was so excited about this and reported the news to the founder of VQ, Mr Yang who was happy for us but at the same time advised us to remember to keep the juice bar hygienic, keep up our customer service and make sure everywhere is cleaned when the shift ended, do not use fruits that have gone bad and must be dealt with when found.

Now our VQ Juice bar is nearly one year old. We are full of hope for the future.