Shi Li - Franchisee

Franchisee - Mr Li


My name is Shi Li, 23 years old. in October 2014 I took part in the University Student Enterprise programme as supported by VQ Juice. Our VQ Juice Bar made over 114 million RMB in six months from opening; profit: over 430,000 RMB

In June 2014, I was about to graduate from University, I had attended almost ten interviews, received six job offers and to be honest, I didn’t feel satisfied. Quite the opposite, my dream was to start up my own business. At that time, my university and VQ Juice had a University Enterprise Programme supported by VQ Juice which I competed for and won.

VQ Juice Founder Mr Yang is somebody that I admire. Only six months after I started with VQ Juice, I decided to join the company. Every day at work, I was completely focused on the task at hand, and put my passion into every single details in my work. My principle was: my staff is rewarded no matter how big or small their improvement is as long as it is an improvement.

As regards management, I agree with the “VQ Standard Operations Manual”: I am fair to my staff. In the early days, I was part of team serving customers, when I made a mistake, I too paid the penalty. Over time, the self-discipline of my staff improved.

Every day I set an example to my staff. I am always proactive. I remember one night, I had to dump the rubbish, but I tripped by the lift and spilled the rubbish all over the floor and so I had to pick up the rubbish with both hands as I had to sort out the problem in the quickest time