Jiefeng Ma - Deputy General Manager of VQ

VQ have given me a career – Jiefeng Ma (27 years old)

People have asked me on numerous occasions why I joined VQ and I have asked myself the same question. Is it the high pay? Is it the job? Of course it is not only that. For me, the most important things are VQ’s business management philosophy and their sense of social responsibility.

When I first started, I was only a driver in the logistic department, my daily work was very mundane and routine. In my spare time, I liked to the wholesale market to check out the prices and the various fruits. Over time, I had developed a habit of making comparisons of the prices and analysing the price cycles of the different fruits. On the surface, this had little to do with my job, but as I saw it, as part of the logistics department, this was something that I had to do. VQ follow a very strict process from choosing fruits to production of fresh juice. This was to ensure the fruit juice was 100% fresh, 100% healthy. The selection of good quality fruits is an essential step. During my time in the logistics department, I had an understanding of the social responsibility of VQ and what it means for a business to be driven by its values.

After a while, VQ arranged me to work in a direct owned juice bar. In the beginning I was a bit reluctant. At that time I knew little about the service industry. When faced with problems, my natural instinct was to withdraw. But what I found was when I openly accepted the service industry, I discovered that quality of service was so important to a business. In fast food industry there are only a handful of brands that are well known, why is that? It is because they all provide a superior customer service. This is the same in the fresh juice industry, why do people choose VQ? First VQ’s quality of juice is guaranteed; second, it provides a superior customer service. As a staff, my duty was focused on these two major areas.

While working in the juice bar, I had developed an interest in operations. It so happened that VQ was opening a juice bar in Chongqing (a city in North West China). I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity of taking part in the opening: from shop front decoration to recruitment, from looking for fruit suppliers to licensing matters and equipment preparation arrangements. I learned a great deal because of this experience: I understood that every single step must be clearly followed. After I came back from Chongqing, I was promoted to Operations Manager. I was surprised by this, but Mr Yang, the founder of VQ, said to me because I focused on doing the little things well. I have been with VQ for two years now, from when I first joined the company as a driver, to becoming an Operations manager for direct-owned juice bars, I always remember VQ’s mission. To me, VQ is not just a job, it is my career.