Juice Bar

New Juice Bars are opening on a weekly basis across China. VQ’s logo is refreshing and distinctive just like its products and can be seen on the high street, shopping mall, food halls in major Cities. Our juice bar designs cater for all types of outlets, from small kiosk to café size. In 2009, we started with 3 directly owned stores in Beijing. By the end of 2014, we built 5 branch offices, had 30 city masters, and over 200 stores opened across China, of which, about 170 were franchised and 30 direct owned. The total turnover in 2014 is about £21.2 million, and profit is 29% of turnover which is nearly £6.2 million. By 2015, VQ Fresh had gained a truly national outreach and could be found across China, and ready to tap into the European market. By the following year of 2016, VQ Juice had established 350 stores across China and had become one of the Chinese leading brands for freshly squeezed juices.

Baoji Kaiyuan Branch
Beijing Daxiagu Branch
Beijing Xizhimen Branch
Kuerle Branch
Nantong Branch
Shanghai Guangqi Branch
Shijiazhuang Dongsheng Branch
Wenling Yintai Branch