Introducing VQ's New Strawberry Juice Series

Here at VQ Juice, we make it our mission to constantly evolve our business. Our ethos is one of continuous improvement, and we like to think that we always take into account the wants and needs of our customers when looking for ways to do this.

This is what we’ve tried to do with the introduction of our new strawberry juice series, which combines only the finest ingredients and freshest fruits in tried and tested recipes, to create a drinking experience that is truly delicious.

The first addition to our new and improved menu is strawberry yoghurt flavour, which blends fantastically creamy milk and yoghurt with freshly cut, succulent strawberries to make a beautifully refreshing addition to our offerings.

For something a little more adventurous, we have a strawberry and dragon fruit juice now available, which blends these two culinary delicacies for a taste that is tart, tangy, and sure to be tremendously popular.

We also made a third addition to our menu: strawberry and pear juice. Combining two much-loved and flavoursome fruits into one divinely scrumptious drink, we just know that it’s going to be appreciated by our discerning clientele.

But why strawberries, you might be wondering? Well, it’s partly to celebrate the migration of our juice bar franchise to the UK, where fresh juice is very much sought after, and strawberries are a particular favourite for those with a taste for sweet things.

You see, the VQ Juice team prides itself on doing thorough research, so when we went in search of something that our new clientele would really appreciate, we soon stumbled upon strawberries as a great addition to our menu.

With over one billion sold every year in Britain, they are a more popular fruit in the UK than even old-fashioned favourites like apples and bananas, with shoppers spending over £1.97 billion on them each year. This meant that they suited our ethos to a tee: to provide fantastic, freshly squeezed fruit juices that our discerning clients will really enjoy.

To find out more about the VQ team and how we continually evolve our business, get in touch with us today. We could always do with enquiring and entrepreneurial minds like yours to join our juice bar franchise in the UK.