Why you should join our UK juice bar franchise

At VQ Juice, our ethos is a simple one: to sell only the most delicious, freshly squeezed fruit juices. Founded in 2009, we have spent the past eight years striving towards this goal, so that our business is now one of the most successful of its kind in China.

But it was not in our homeland that our story began – it was right here in the UK, with our founder Yu Qing Yang. Living and working in London for a time, it was here that he first became aware of the growing market for drinks that were a treat for both the taste buds and the tummy alike.


It was a long-standing European love affair – the one with freshly squeezed fruit juices that were good for the body and the soul. An integral part of culinary culture across the continent, it was a trend that nonetheless had struggled to spread beyond these geographical borders.

Until VQ Juice came along. Mutually built by Quin and his partner Vanar, it stands for two things: their combined initials, and Vitamin Quartet. Both are equally fitting, for the business not only offers a healthier way to stay hydrated, but is something of a love story too, proof of what two people can do when they put their minds together to achieve their shared dream.

It is a story that Quin and Vanar want to invite others to join them in. Having done the hard work of spotting a gap in the market, performing extensive product research, and using their experience to build a thriving enterprise, they are keen to have people like you become a part of their journey, working together to make their successes ever bigger and better.

Already, they have shown what can be done by those who commit to turning their ambitions into a reality, with their enterprise having grown from just three stores when we first opened in 2009 to the number one fresh fruit juice brand in China.

Following this incredible success overseas, they are now ready to bring their business back to where it all started, by building a juice franchise in the UK, and they need your help to do it. This is why they’re offering a fantastic business opportunity for entrepreneurs, one that will recruit enterprising individuals, either students or professionals, and give them a chance to become part of the VQ family.

Why not get in touch today to find out more? The opportunity of a lifetime could be right here waiting for you.