How VQ Fresh Juice has expanded to 350 stores nationwide

At VQ Fresh Juices, we’re incredibly proud to be the number one fresh fruit juice brand in China. Built upon a model of teamwork, entrepreneurial thinking, and grassroots investment, our business has expanded from just three stores in 2009, to 350 as of 2017.

And we’re not content to stop there. With our success in our homeland growing ever greater, we are now ready to expand into the UK market. Utilising the same methods that have worked so well before, we’re confident that our venture will be a profitable one, which is why we wish to share with you how we’ve achieved it.

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to accomplish what we have, here’s our story…

Identifying need

Before we ever open a new VQ Fresh Juice store, we look at where the thirst of our consumers will be at its strongest. Supermarkets and corner shops are well-served to cover this need in most settings, but in city centres, particularly large shopping malls, most visitors will look to sate their thirst by popping into the nearest bar, restaurant, or eatery, so this is the market we target.

Marketing our products as a health food

In our modern world, most people don’t want to drink products with lots of unhealthy additives but instead care for their nutritional well-being. They thus prefer to purchase our 100 percent freshly squeezed juices over bottled alternatives, and like to know that these have been made from carefully sourced fruits. We recognise this and frequently use it as part of our marketing campaigns.

Ensuring social media compatibility

Social media largely defines the lives of teenagers and young adults in our society, and many recommendations are made through platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Recognising this, we make our stores and products as social media friendly as possible, with our interior aesthetics being visually appealing, our packaging clean and simple, and our products themselves brightly coloured and attractive. Together, these factors help to create a harmonious image of a high-end beverage – one which is just perfect for photographing and sharing online. In the same vein, we make sure to share our coupons and special offers on the internet, to provide customers with a second social entry point.

Offering unparalleled customer service

We also pride ourselves on offering customer service par excellence. Our staff are always instructed to treat our customers to a smile and a kind word, and we like to think that we perpetuate a thoughtful and compassionate ethos with regards to how we deal with the individuals who visit our stores. Despite the large scale nature of our business, we believe that we have managed to retain the personal touch so that every one of our customers feels valued.

Through the application of our tried and tested formula, VQ Fresh Juice continues to thrive, and to be able to add ever more stores to our nationwide, soon to be global, network. Should you wish to learn more about what we do and how we do it, or how you too could become involved, either as an investor or a member of our franchise, get in touch with us today. We’re always happy to hear from like-minded people who share our ethos of delivering great customer service through the medium of a profitable and successful small business.