The fresh juice business that's changing the face of healthy beverages

The sectors of health and wellbeing have gained huge momentum in recent years as many people globally seek to improve their lifestyle, diet and fitness regimes.

It's the greatest way to make positive changes and isn't showing any sign of slowing in growth. This has been of huge benefit to the fresh juice franchise company - VQ Juice, which has spent the past eight years developing rapidly.

Since inception, VQ Juice now has:

- 350 stores across China

- Locations in more than 30 provinces across China

- Become a market leader in freshly squeezed juice

The company's founder, Mr Yu Qing Yang, who spent three years living in the UK during his lifetime, initially concentrated his efforts on England, before expanding further afield to China and beyond. His goal in producing VQ Juice was to improve what was already on the market. At the time of launching his fresh juice business, the overall industry was lacking in clear standards, from the raw juice materials being used to the production process, the health conditions and the final product.

In launching VQ Juice, it was important for Mr Yu Qing Yang to make a clear stand against these problems. He wanted to ensure the industry's drive for high profits didn't diminish the quality of what people were buying.

He especially wanted to move away from the companies that were watering down their juices to get the most out of them. Many of the juices on the market available to buy were (and often still are) 'cheat' juices, and contain a lot of colour agents, preservatives, flavourings and ingredients that simply don't meet the health concept of freshly squeezed fruit juice.

With VQ Fresh, the goal is about remaining fresh, wholesome, and natural with bursting delicious flavour that people can drink at their leisure. It also tastes much better than manufactured juices. 

Timeline of Events

In 2009, Mr Yu Qing Yang decided to return to China from England to take his brand to his native homeland. This was something he had identified the Chinese market would be hugely responsive to. On 8th August 2009, VQ fresh juice's first store in Beijing opened. VQ stands for ‘Vitamin Quartet’, and is also an abbreviation for the characters in the brand’s promotional videos, Vanar and Quin.

In order to stand out from the rest of the industry, Mr Yu Qing Yang introduced the "VQ Fresh Juice Standardized Operation Manual" to ensure the company had very clear, transparent standards and guidelines in their production and product development. Not only did he want to gain consumer trust, but it was important to change how the industry overall functioned and raise the quality of juices.

In 2011, VQ Juice continued to expand across China, and relocated to Shanghai headquarters. In addition to this, in the Lingnan fruit township in Guangdong province, a Shenzhen branch was set up. VQ Juice also began squeezing their juices with no added water, no ice, no sugar, and 100% fresh. As one of the leading fresh juice companies in China, VQ Fresh developed 23 varieties of their fresh and healthy products.

In 2012, VQ Juice produced six episodes of their micro-film “The Legendary VQ”, which helped to expand brand awareness. The slogan that ran alongside focussed on the conscience of the business. By this point, the number of VQ Juice stores had risen to over 100.

In 2013, VQ Juice has surpassed being just a start-up brand and was now becoming increasingly popular. We joined up with Wanda Group in this year to help more entrepreneurial graduates to realise their dreams and get the career they aspired for.

In 2014, VQ Juice made their philosophy and brand affirmation to “always provide safe and assured health drinks and meticulous service to the customer.”

By 2015, VQ Fresh had gained a truly national outreach and could be found across China, and ready to tap into the European market.

By the following year of 2016, VQ Juice had established 350 stores across China and had become one of the Chinese leading brands for freshly squeezed juices. In order to cope with the high level of business, we also streamlined their management structure to create a unified system and ensure their services were of superior quality. This also helped more individuals join the franchise system, ensuring they could easily and quickly launch and develop their business.

Becoming a franchisee

The future is bright and healthy for VQ fresh juice. The customer will remain at the forefront of everything planned, with the goal of creating a cup of unique, fresh and nutritious juice still at the heart of the company. For partners and franchisees, the company will continue to act as a growth platform and solid income, with sustainable and strong development always leading the way.

VQ Juice offers the perfect product for customers to quench their thirst and rehydrate with. It also contains important nutrients and minerals needed for a healthy lifestyle. As one of the leading fresh juice companies in China, and with their constant desire to improve and develop the brand, many business-savvy individuals have bought into the franchise. It has become an exciting, rewarding and positive company to become a part of, and has also proved to be cash-rich too.

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