5 Top Tips If You Want To Own A Juice Bar

So you want to own a juice bar.  Maybe starting a juice bar seems straight forward.  But then again it may not be that simple if you look beneath the surface.

There are some very important questions that  you need to ask.


1 Decide what kind of Juice you want to sell

There is fresh juice and there is fresh juice.  Many juice bars sell juice with some things extra like ice, water, flavouring or some other additive.  Then there are juice bars that serve "fresh" juice, in the sense that it comes straight from the bottle (oftenntimes, with the extras added).  Still there are other juice bars that sell freshly squeezed juice, straight from the fruits.  Which type of juice will you choose?

2 The Menu

So ok, maybe you have decided on really fresh juice squeezed from fresh fruit.  Next, you will need to work out what will go on your menu.  What do people like?  If you want to combine more than one fruit, how will you combine that?  What's the best ratio in combination juice drinks to bring out the best taste and texture (and in what order)?  So you might need to spend some time and money for product research.  Do you have the time and cash for this?


3 Choose the right tool for the right job

Next, let's make this a little more complicated still: you need to think about what equipment you need to produce the kind of juice that people want to pay money for.  You need the right juicer and mixer,  Not all juicers are made equal.  So you need to find the right one.

So before you decide what goes on your menu, you need to consider the above.   This is important, very important because the success of your business largely depends on the quality of your products if you your customers to come back.  So spend as much time as possible to research on your products. 

4 Build the Brand

So you know how to make the juice, you know what people are willing to pay money for.  You got your menu sorted.  Now turn to the brand.  What image you want to present to the public.  Branding includes what your serve the public with, how you provide the service, your logo, the interior and exterior of your juice bar, the uniform for your staff, your business card, how you treat your stafff etc etc.  This may take a while.

5 Look at the Business Operations carefully

Running a juice bar is not just about the juice and the brand, there are other things that relate to the operation side of the business that are very important: from the way how and when to store your fruits, to re-ordering from your supplier, to how to serve your customer.  You will also have to look at equipment needed for your business such as fridge, freezers as well as EPOS (Electronic Point of Sales) and other hardwares.   You need to spend time looking at every single details of your business.  If you get this wrong, it may cost your  customers and your business.

5 Learn from Experience

If you work in a juice bar, you will gain some very valuable experience on how the business operates from the shop level.  There are, however, some things that you do not see and they can be very important for the running of the business. 

What if somebody else has done everything from developing the products/services as well as the brand for you, to market research so that they know what the customers like, to building a brand , to putting together a proven system and have all that distilled into an Operations Manual that you could use to run your business.  On top of that, you get all the training and support that is ongoing, from prior to launch to when you got the business up and running?  If you want to save time on coming up with your own business idea and simply want to get on with getting the business launched and then in operation, then you should give Franchise a serious consideration.