About VQ

VQ stands for Vitamin Quartet and is also the abbreviation of the main characters of VQ’s promotional videos. VQ is the idea of its founder Yu Qing Yang, and was born when he was living and working in the UK. Mr Yang observed how the Europeans fully embraced freshly squeezed juice in their eating and drinking culture and how the fruit juice market was full of products with unhealthy additives in China. Mr Yang spotted a gap in the fruit juice market in China and after extensive product and market research, three VQ Juice Bar was opened in Beijing in 2009.

What makes VQ distinct as a brand from most other competitors is the promise of 100% freshly squeezed juice with no additives of any kind and the emphasis on the benefits of such drinks to health. In 2011, brand started to expand to the rest of China and in May 2011, the first VQ Juice Bar was opened in Shanghai. By the end of 2012, there were well over 100 VQ Juice Bars across China and the number is growing fast. VQ Juice is now the number one fresh fruit juice brand in China.

After the incredible success in China in the last few years, VQ is ready to build the brand globally and plans to open their first international juice bar in London, where the VQ idea was born, in the summer of 2017.

The success story continues…