100% fresh juice with no added water, sugar or ice.
100% fresh juice with no added water, sugar or ice.

VQ Juice Bars in China

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Why you should join our UK juice bar franchise

At VQ Juice, our ethos is a simple one: to sell only the most delicious, freshly squeezed fruit juices. Founded in 2009, we have spent the past eight years striving towards this goal, so that our business is now one of the most successful of its kind in China.


Introducing VQ's New Strawberry Juice Series

Here at VQ Juice, we make it our mission to constantly evolve our business. Our ethos is one of continuous improvement, and we like to think that we always take into account the wants and needs of our customers when looking for ways to do this.


VQ Juice opens seven new stores in China in just two months

Here at VQ Juice, we’re always excited to explore new ventures. We believe in constant development and we like to always have expansion projects on the go, which is why we’re exceptionally proud of our latest feat: opening seven new stores in just two months.


Legend of VQ

What makes VQ distinct as a brand from most other competitors is the promise of 100% freshly squeezed juice with
no additives of any kind and the emphasis on the benefits of such drinks to health.

About VQ

VQ stands for Vitamin Quartet and is also the abbreviation of the main characters of VQ’s promotional videos. VQ is the idea of its founder Yu Qing Yang, and was born when he was living and working in the UK.

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How much would I need to invest to become a Master Franchisee?

This depends on a number of factors including the location of the juice bar and the size of the store (juice bar). Investment is only one of many criteria for becoming a Master Franchisee. You would need to fit the Master Franchisee Profile as well as pass our application process. For more information about investments, contact us via the Live Chat or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What are the criteria for becoming a Master Franchisee?

You would need to fit our profile of a Master Franchisee. Some of the things we look for in a candidate are:

1. Do you share the value and passion of VQ Juice?
2. Are you a business or entrepreneur individual?
3. Do you have good communication and inter-personal skills?
4. Can you work under pressure?


What much can a Master Franchisee make?

The actual returns depends on many factors. From past experience, high returns can be achieved in relatively short time, the return of investment cycle is very short: break-even can be achieved in months.


What support would I get as a Master Franchisee?

You would get world class support from a world class at VQ Juice. All partners and staff are considered part of the VQ Juice family. We care very much about your development and success. We guide you in every step of the way to ensure you have the best training available in the industry and once you have started, we are always there for you when you need our advise and support.


Why should I join VQ Juice as Master Franchisee?

Quite simply you will be joining a business that is expanding fast. We have achieved the Number One position in the freshly squeezed industry in a relative short time in China. This is a no mean feat in the biggest economy in the world. We are now ready to build our brand globally. Our business model is proven with a superb support team . Our strength in franchisee has been developed and refined over the years. By past results, the return on investment cycle is short. Sky is the limit when it comes to reward.


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Franchise with VQ

An established company with or without any synergy with VQ Juice business or a high net worth individual entrepreneur or a partnership of no more than three partners ideally operating under a company banner.

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